For Parents

We understand the anxiety that comes with sending your child abroad for higher education. It’s very difficult to cope with the sadness of seeing your children leaving the house and also worrisome to see them manage everything independently.
You are likely to have a lot of questions related to overseas education. Tough decisions about when, where and what to study are usually made by the students, but as a parent, you may want to be involved in the decision-making process as your child puts more faith in you than in any advisor or counselor. We believe that by being well informed, you can play a wonderful role as a support system for your children, as they begin their long study abroad journey with us.

1. Remember to STAY INFORMED!

Start by gathering information on your child’s chosen study destination. Look into the course curriculum, campus life abroad and the accommodation options available for international students.

2. Think of their SAFETY!

Safety concerns will arise in every parent’s mind and it as important as any other issue. Students’ safety is one of the main concerns of any reputed institutions abroad so it’s natural that most universities abroad will have their own safety protocols for international students.

3. PACK Happiness with luggage!

Draw up a checklist detailing all the things that he/she will need for the course duration abroad.


Work out a plan of communication before the departure date. Make an effort to connect with a few other parents and learn about their experiences. Students and parents should both have a set of emergency contacts with them at all times.

5. Organize FINANCIALS!

By devising a sound financial plan, you can help your child manage his/her monthly expenses well. Use your experience and knowledge to guide your child on all issues related to money.


Give your child some time to settle down until they start making plans on their own. Ensure that they are thorough with the nuances of pursuing an education abroad and always make sure you are vocal about how much you believe in them.